1st Place At Regional ASCE Ble Sky Innovation Contest

We are pleased to announce that our Transportation team has won first place at the ASCE’s Regional Blue Sky Innovation Contest hosted by Brigham Young University (BYU) at the Rocky Mountain Conference. Our team will be competing nationally in the United States at the ASCE Convention in October. Congratulations to our team members Joshua, Aliya, Mohit, Valentina, Michelle, Thien, Ben, and Parsa!

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A special thank you to BYU for allowing our team to compete in their conference. Since the Blue Sky competition was not held in the Pacific Northwest region this year, they let us compete in the Rocky Mountain region.

Additionally, here is the merch we received from the event, as well as our 1st place plaque. The plaque will be going up in CEME so be sure to check it out when we get back to campus! Additionally, we would like to extend a great thanks to Max Barnes at BYU for helping organize the conference, and for getting the swag kits out to us even though we were competing all the way from Canada!