UBC Safewalk

With its landscape and tightly knitted campus buildings, UBC is arguably one of the best places in Vancouver for a long walk. However, going back to the residence after a late night study often becomes a concern for all students.

The newly designed safewalk app attempts to service the UBC community by readily connecting the safewalker to the user. When requested by the app, a certified, trained, and UBC approved safewalker around your area will be notified. Once accepted, the walker will accompany the requester to the pre-determined destination, with a live-GPS enable for both parties at all times.

As a collaborative initiative with AMS Safewalk team, we have consulted various aspects of the service that could potentially be adjusted in the near future, and the team is excited to take steps in designing a better platform for all UBC students.

The source code: UBC Safewalk App